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  • Gallium Products

    Gallium Metal, Chemicals and Alloys

    Vital Materials is world’s leading supplier of gallium metal & chemicals used in bulk or smaller quantities, and used in metal-organic source, light emitting diodes (LED), high frequency electronics, fast switching applications as well as in solar cell applications. Vital Materials has a vertically integrated manufacturing approach whereby Gallium can be extracted from the ore in-house, and following in-house production techniques upgraded up to a 7N purity.

    Our advanced material solutions with Gallium include: GaAs substrates or wafers, TMGA gasses for MOCVD / MBE growth, CIGS targets.


    Gallium is a silvery metal with a shiny surface and was discovered by the French chemist Lecoq de Boisbaudran in 1875. Gallium is recovered as a byproduct during alumina production. Gallium is one of the few metals that melt just above room temperature.


    • Gallium can be used to prepare III-V compound semiconductors, such as gallium nitride, gallium arsenide and gallium antimony.
    • Can be used for CIGS thin film solar materials, LED, etc.
    • Gallium chloride Ultra-high purity gallium can be used in MBE process
    • Gallium and low-melt alloys can be used as heat exchange media for nuclear reaction
    • It can be used as filler for high temperature thermometers and as catalyst for diesterification in organic reactions.
    • GaO as a High Purity Analytical Reagent and Semiconductor Material for the Electronic Industry
    • Gallium trichloride can be used in MOCVD process and is used for spectroscopic analysis and organic reaction catalysts to synthesize important raw materials of organic gallium reagents
    • Trimethylgallium and triethylgallium can be used to make solar cells. The raw materials of MOCVD process are used to prepare GaAs, AsGaAl and other semiconductor compounds. Ga is a source for manufacturing electronic components such as light emitting diodes.

    Gallium Compounds (Click These Boxes to See the Product Pages)

    (Click on These Boxes for More Product Info)

    Ga(NO3)3 · xH2O

    Gallium(III) sulfate - Ga2(SO4)3

    CAS #: 13780-42-2
    Application: Analytical reagents
    Usage: Used as a reference compound of gallium in esterification catalysts and analytical chemistry.

    Gallium(III) nitrate hydrate - Ga(NO3)3 · xH2O

    CAS #: 13494-90-1
    Application: Pharmaceuticals
    Usage: Used for treating tumors and cancers in the medicine field.
    Vital Materials is a manufacturer and end-user supplier of gallium and a full range of other minor metal compounds. We can customize the purity, composition and forms for different industrial applications. Please contact us for a price or more information.