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  • Design, Manufacturing and Beyond

    The Infrared Business Unit of Vital Materials is engaged in the research and development, production, sales and recovery of infrared laser materials for laser systems and thermal imaging systems.

    We are committed to providing high quality infrared materials, high precision infrared laser optical components and solutions for global customers.

    Our products include lenses and components for infrared thermal imaging and industrial laser applications, made from:


       -Zinc Selenide

       -Zinc Sulfide

       -Gallium Arsenide


       -Chalcogenide Glass

    Vital Materials operates a full range of crystal growth equipment, advanced production and processing equipment and precise measuring equipment.


    Market and Applications for Infrared, Laser and Detector Materials

    Our infrared, laser and detector materials have a wide variety of uses. In material processing, they work in high power CO2 Lasers, and laser marking system. For thermal imaging, our infrared materials are used in security, surveillance, maintenance and firefighting. Our detector materials are used in medical imaging applications such as PET scans, X-rays, Gamma ray detectors and Nuclear Medicine. Aerospace companies use our infrared materials in scientific research and high energy physics.

    Comprehensive Solutions and Services

    We design comprehensive solutions and follow through with processing, polishing, coating and other external assistance services:

    • Grinding, Polishing and coating service provided by our production line

    • Processing services, according to your requirements

    • Product testing services like purity testing, surface inspection, transmittance measurement, resistivity testing, etc. We can also develop testing solutions according to your specific needs.

    • Recycling and purification services for rare materials like Germanium and selenium, Arsenic and Antimony.