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  • Metal Organic Source

    Metal Organic Source

    Vital which includes KE Materials in Korea is at the forefront of the growing LED and semiconductor markets. The use of LEDs is increasing rapidly, fueled by backlighting and general illumination applications which require more energy efficiency. Vital produces and markets high-purity metal organic precursors, Trimethylaluminum(TMA), Trimethylgallium(TMG), Triethylgallium(TEG), and Trimethylindium(TMI) are used as key materials in the manufacture of these LED chips, as well as other semiconductor applications such as power devices.

    Emerging technologies hold the potential to supplement the world’s energy mix with options that convert solar energy into electricity. Vital is a leading supplier of technology including Trimethylaluminum(TMA) used in Chemical Vapor Deposition(CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition(ALD) applications for increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic modules.

    Formula Ga(CH3)3 Ga(C2H5)3 In(CH3)3 AI(CH3)3
    Purity  6N 6N 6N 4N, 5N, 6N
    Grade  Electronic Material Electronic Material Electronic Material Electronic Material
    Package 0.5kg up to 7kg 0.4kg up to 4kg 0.35kg up to 0.85kg 0.25 kg up to 313 kg