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  • Pigments


    In 2014, Vital Materials established Vital Pigments (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned plant previously known as Cappelle Pigments. Vital Pigments is based in TEDA Modern Industrial Park (Hangu), a 30,000 square meter area located in Tianjin, China.

    Since 2009, Vital Pigments has attained mass industrial production by strict execution of Cappelle group’s centralized in-house technology and quality control systems. Vital Pigments carried on the operation and continues the production with the same high standard. At present, our pigments are used in printer ink, coating, and plastic industries.


    • Inks: Vital Pigments is an organic pigments manufacturer with high gloss and color strength. Our main products include PY83, PY74, and PO34 pigments. Our pigments are offered to many world renowned ink makers.
    • Paints: Vital Pigments offers both organic and inorganic pigments for use in stringent applications such as decorative outdoor coatings for use in automotive and industrial mechanisms. Vital Pigments’ Bismuth Vanadate and transparent iron oxide pigments are supplied to many renowned paint factories worldwide.
    • Plastics: Vital Pigments’ Bismuth Vanadate is a common ingredient in master batches.
    Vital Materials is a manufacturer and end-user supplier of organic and inorganic pigments and a full range of other minor metal compounds. We can customize the purity, composition and forms for different industrial applications. Please contact us for a price or more information.