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  • Vital Materials Semiconductors manufactures a product line of III-V compound semiconductor substrates, Metal Organic sources, specialty gas, PBN ceramic and high purity metals for microelectronic and optoelectronic applications. We are a vertically integrated manufacturer with ISO certification. Vital Materials counts a number of the world's leading semiconductor firms among its customers. We utilize the highest quality raw materials, excellence in research, precision growth systems and strict quality control systems to produce substrate wafers, metal organic sources, specialty gases and high purity metals. These products are widely used in the radio frequency (RF) device market and photoelectric device market.

    Markets and Applications:
    RF device (HBTs, HEMTs, BiFETs)
    Telecom, WLAN, 5G Wireless, Cell Phone, Satellite

    Photonics, Light Quantum (LD, VCSEL)
    Datacom (Fiber optic, Coherent Transmission, Data Center Interconnects), 3D Sensing & LiDAR (Automotive, Drone), Facial Recognition, Human–Machine Interaction

    Lighting (LED)
    Interior Lighting, Automotive Lighting, LED screen, Mini-LED, Micro-LED (VR/AR)

    Solar cell, CPV
    Solar cars, Satellite, Drone