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  • Vital Materials is a leading manufacturer of thin film materials like sputtering targets for thin film coatings in flat panel display, photovoltaic, microelectronics, data storage and optical applications.

    As a fully vertical integrated manufacturer we control raw materials as well as the recycling of spent sputtering targets, end of life products and production wastes. In addition, our R&D team works hand in hand with customers to develop leading edge products to improve performance on existing targets and for future technologies.

    Our application technology team use state of the art equipment’s to test and improve manufactured products and to support our customers to achieve highest performance and yield by using our sputtering targets.

    To serve our customers Vital Thin Film Materials has established a global network of sales offices and service centers around the globe.

    Vital Materials offers a unique closed loop service for flat panel display, photovoltaic, microelectronics, data storage and optical industry.

    Our locations in Qingyuan CN, Hefei CN and Singapore are certified according ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, to guarantee the highest and most consistent reliability.