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  • Thin Film Accessories

    Thin Film Accessories


    Vital Materials also provides components for vacuum evaporation like for electron-beam evaporators, ion sources, and thermal evaporators. The product range includes crucibles, boats, and filaments made from a range of materials to fit your application.  Customized crucibles or boats are available on request.
    Evaporation Boats

    Evaporation Boats are widely used for batch coatings. Due to their easy application it’s a very common way to evaporate the granulate, shots or tablets. Often boats are used for smaller batch coatings but are also available for much bigger volumes, such as for web coating.

    Depending on the material to evaporate the right boat must be selected, as it must operate above the temperature of the material to evaporate. For this VTFM provides a wide range of boats in different designs and materials. (BN, Mo, Ta, W)

    E-Beam Crucibles

    E-beam evaporation is widely used in vacuum evaporating machines for precision optics and electro-optical coating where multi-layer stacks are coated.

    E-beam crucibles, as well as cones (starter slugs), are available in many different shapes, volumes and designs, to fit perfectly to your e-beam source crucible.

    The crucibles are available in BN, Cu, C, Mo, Ta, W and Al2O3.
    Vital Materials provides a full range of the minor metal products. We can customize the purity, composition and forms for different industrial applications. Please contact us for more information.